TASCO: The Adult Scouters Campout

Next TASCO:  ??  See this announcement.  A note from Jerry Martin: "To make "TASCO" more inclusive for the new district, the definition for the acronym is being changed from Tara Adult Scouters Campout' to "The Adult Scouters Campout".  This is to make it all inclusive for not only Southern Crescent Scouters, but, all Scouters that may wish to participate.  Hope everyone will embrace and support the new name and program.   TASCO has been an annual campout that has been held at the Bert Adams Scout Reservation during winter months for the past thirty years.  It is set up as a "troop" with a Scoutmaster, Senior Patrol Leader, event staff and committee (made up of former Scoutmasters and the current SPL).   Participants form patrols with a Patrol Leader that compete against one another in games designed to be taken back and used at both Cub and Scout units. 

Each year you attend, you receive an "eagle" claw.  Beads are awarded to first place (dark blue), second place (red) , and third place(white) winners in each game.  A "gold" bead is awarded to the patrol with the most wins.  A light blue "spirit" award bead awarded to the patrol that not necessarily wins a lot of events, but, shows the best overall patrol spirit.  These are worn on a leather necklace.

All games and events are held on Saturday, but, weekend camping is encouraged though not required to participate.

TASCO has, always, been open to all SCOUTERS from any district or council.  As TARA and South Fulton have merged to form the new Southern Crescent District, it is our desire to make the event more representative of the new district and encourage all to attend.

We are asking your help!  We need input from ALL of Southern Crescent Scouters to make TASCO more representative and appealing to the entire district.  Please post your ideas and suggestions here or email them to Jerry Martin (TASCO Committee Chair) at jmartin297@bellsouth.net or bring them to Roundtable.  We will be promoting TASCO at each Roundtable.  Here are a few suggestions and or topics: 

  • What the TASCO acronym stands for.
  • Time of the year to have the event.
  • 'Theme' for each year's event. IE: Western, Mountain man, Space or futuristic, Survivor, etc.
  • Game suggestions.
  • Other type competitions, Dutch oven desert cook off , table decorations, patrol flag competition, etc.
  • Any other ideas or suggestions you may have to make this more fun for everyone!

TASCO has its own committee and committee chair (currently, Jerry Martin). To be a TASCO committee member, you must be a former TASCO Scoutmaster or the 'current'  Senior Patrol Leader.  The TASCO 'Scoutmaster' and  'Senior Patrol Leader' changes each year.  The current year Senior Patrol Leader becomes the Scoutmaster for the next year and selects a new Senior Patrol Leader for the coming year.  This continues year after year.  The TASCO Chair doesn't change unless they retire.  Will be glad to answer any questions on this."