Membership Functions -- Ways to Help Units Grow Members, Youth and Adult, and be more successful

Membership Functions ... 

  • Membership Committee gathers information on prospective chartered organizations, can help organize new units, reorganizes dropped units and units not meeting, and helps units recruit new members in ways that will be successful for the unit given its resources.  Membership personnel can establish and maintain mutually beneficial relationships with major community organizations and strategic alliances, both those with and without Scouting units.  This function overlaps with – and benefits from – other functions like training, activities, commissioners, communication/PR that can support the membership effort.
    • District Executives are tasked to run Back to School Signup Nights, but volunteers can do much on their own at any time (like with these Recruiting Tools).
    • Working with, and sharing ideas with, Membership folks from other districts is very valuable.
    • Many tools and resources are found at "Recruiting Tools" and "About Scouting and How to Join".
  • Membership Chair (2017: Alyson Benton).  Can coordinate efforts both in the tried and true tasks (such as supporting "sign up nights" at the start of a program year), and in broader ways to promote and support the membership aims (like spring recruiting for summer events, making a big splash at school registration / open house / meet the teacher events, multi-channel communications/PR, and more), empowering unit leaders to connect with school officials and PTA directly for recruiting (not just when the District Executives set up a date).  Possible roles for those with a passion for growing membership include the following (no, not all roles will be filled . . . but if someone has a passion, there may be a place for that person):
    • Charter Organization Relationships, including developing relationships, pitching the benefits of Scouting as a chartered partner, sharing success stories, possibly including:
      • Clayton County Schools Relationships (______, working closely with Brandon/Daniel)
      • Fulton County Schools Relationships (______, working closely with Brandon/Daniel) -- a role that should be coordinated with other districts serving Fulton County
      • Church Relationships (perhaps by denomination) (2015: Baptist: ____, UMC: ____, LDS: George Kay, RC: ____, Other: ____) – maybe coordinated with Council approaches
      • Private School Relationships (____) -- maybe coordinated with other districts
      • Other (____): might involve prospecting to identify new potential chartered organizations.
    • New Unit Organizers.  Ideally for each new unit, someone to invest the time to get to know the Unit Performance Guide steps and ensure that the Unit will be viable when formed and handed off to the unit leadership and support from a New Unit Commissioner. (____, ____, ____, ____, ____)
    • Recruiting Tools Team: Individuals who want to update and adapt tools like these Recruiting Tools that units can use on their own to be successful (printing can be done at the Volunteer Service Center).  For example, Flyers that have pictures of kids from your Pack attract more interest than Flyers with pictures of strangers, so if someone would help units put their pictures into flyer templates, that might help sell the program.  (2017:  ______ Bender doing this for others already)
      • Flyer Fillers: individuals with computer skills (e.g., edit a flyer) and a sense of possible Scout activities (e.g., list “easy button” activities that Packs can do, like Day Camps, Parades, Cub Adventure Weekends, Fun Fair, etc.), so that Units can have their own customized flyers for distribution electronically and by hand (2016-17: Bender)
      • Be A Scout Bug: individuals who know how the “BeAScout” website works (how to create an attractive, informative pin), and can work with units to keep them updated, either by direct contact or by submitting “BeAScout” messages to whoever is listed in the BeAScout site, since those may not be current (2016: ____) – this could be done on a multi-District basis
    • Recruiting Events: Individuals who can commit to helping units run recruiting events, and inviting/coordinating other help, such as activities, training, and commissioners.
      • Sign up Night Teams (or Fun Event Teams): help support, or give units ideas for, a unit's plans for attracting new members, whether at a formal "sign up" pitch or at a fun event that makes families think "this is fun -- I want to do this" (____, ____, ____)
      • Spring Night for Scouting Teams: help support, and give units ideas for, unit plans for attracting new members who join at the end of the school year to participate in summer events and beyond. (____, ____, ____)
      • Webelos Event Teams: run, or help support, and give units ideas for, events to facilitate Cub Scout contact with Troops and the fun and dangerous things they do -- could be camping events, day events, Webelos Woods, Cub 'n' Camp o Ree (____, ____, ____)
      • Other Recruiting Event Teams: set up fun events, or coordinate with existing fun events, to attract new members to Units (____, ____, ____)
    • Demographic Data.  Someone with a passion for data analysis might work with Council staff to analyze trends to see what areas are the most underserved. (____)
      • School Mapper (____) -- A key subset of that is someone to produce school maps and identify local units that will likely "draw" from those schools, to ensure that (1) Commissioners and other volunteers are aware, (2) units that share a school work nicely together (multi-Pack activities are good!), and (3) identify underserved school areas.
    • Venturing Voyager. If someone is fired up about Venturing, that person could be deployed to pitch to Chartered Organizations and Troops (____)
    • Membership Mouthpiece.  A membership committee person working closely with Communications / Public Relations, or also on those teams (____)