Troop Recruiting

Troops Recruit Too.  See these Troop Recruiting Ideas.  Or this Gallery of images.  Or the Troop Flyer example below, that you can copy and edit with your pictures of your Scouts at your events -- update them, keep them on hand with parents and leaders, because you never know when you'll run into somebody who wants to know what your Troop does. 

Key Concept for Troops:  it's a Boy run program.  That includes recruiting.  Troops recruit most successfully when boys ask their peers to join, or their peers see what the Scouts are doing and say "we want to do that too".

  • What does your Patrol Leaders Council plan that is exciting and appealing for their peers to do?  
    • Let the Scouts come up with their activity plan ...
    • ... that's the one they will most like to share with friends who might join the Troop.  
  • Face it:  
    • while parents might want their sons to join a Troop, that doesn't mean the son wants to join ... 
    • but if the son's friends want their friend to join ... you have a better chance to get him to join. 
  • So let your current Scouts pitch their Troop.
    • Empower your boys to recruit their peers ... 
    • That includes letting them do that with the social media tools they already use.
    • Teach them responsible smartphone use, so that they can both be safe online and use their social media to show what they're doing ... and maybe attract some friends to join?

Yes, that doesn't mean you don't also reach out to families, but you want to get the Scouts involved too so that they "seal the deal".

Cub Scout Contacts.  Are you reaching out to Cub Scout Packs to let them know what you do?  

And now more than ever, the Cub Scout Program is aligned with what Boy Scouts do ... Cub Scout Packs would love it if your Troop helped them put on Cub Scout Adventures that relate to hiking and camping and other Scout skills.

Need ideas about Places to Go Camping?  See this excellent "Where to go Camping Guide" from our Order of the Arrow lodge.  More ideas are at our Activity Ideas page, including The Great Big List of Places to Go Around Atlanta


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