Adventure Plans for Mixed Dens: What to do if you have a Small Pack, but want a Fun Sized Meeting

The new Den Leader Guides, parts of which are found in the CubScouts.org Learning Library, have a lot of great material, but there is one flaw to this delivery method of Rank Advancement: what about Small Packs, or Packs with few at certain Rank Levels?  It’s a fact:  many Packs are too small to have robust, fun-sized dens of 6, 7 or 8 Scouts at each level. 

  • The Den Leader Guides work well for Packs of 35 or 40 Scouts, with exactly 7 or 8 in each den. 
  • But Packs aren’t all like that.  New Packs start up with (ideally) 10 youth minimum.  They might have only 2 or 3 at a single grade level – it’s hard to have a really fun den with only 2 or 3 boys – and if you only draw from 2 or 3 families, it’s hard to find and keep good den leaders and assistants.
  • Overall, about 40% of Packs don’t have the 25 to 30 scouts it takes to have five full dens.

Those dens have a tough time: a small den often fails due to “not enough kids to be fun” or “not enough leaders to deliver the program”Delivering meetings twice – once for Tigers, once for Wolves – is too hard for most small dens.

  • So, it’s more fun to have a group of 8 kids having fun and games together – even if they’re different ages.
  • And any “delivery system” that isn’t tied to the Den Leader Guides (like the former Multicultural Markets plans) makes it really hard to be successful (add new members) and transition to the “regular” Guides.

So, Mixed Dens have several choices:  (1) just do fun things from any Handbook/Leader Guide, and award Adventure Loops and pins (and don't sweat earning the Ranks), (2) double (or triple, or quadruple) up and do all of the "tracks" for all required Adventures for your Scouts, or (3) find a way to deliver the Adventures either through your own program (ignoring the Den Leader Guides) or by meshing the Den Leader Guides.  

Mixed Den Plans to Get You To The Rank.  A attempt at that "Third Way" is starting in the attachments here (drafts will be posted when complete enough, starting with these Den Meeting Plans for a Mixed Den of Tigers and Wolves).  These Den Meeting Plans combines Den Leader Guide Adventure plans by linking up overlapping subject matter, which makes them easy to combine.   The goal is that your Mixed Den will grow – so that when you have enough boys to fill their own full Dens at their own Grade Levels, you can ease right into using the regular Den Leader Guides.

Got comments?  Email cubleadertraining@southfultonscouting.com.

FYI, the likely Tiger/Wolf/Bear suggested combinations will likely be as follows (still working on the draft):

Tiger Required Adventures:

Wolf Required Adventures:

Bear Required Adventures:

Tigers in the Wild (Hiking, Nature, Skit)

Paws on the Path (Hiking, Maps, Nature)

Fur, Feathers, and Ferns (Hiking, Nature, Field Trip)

Games Tigers Play (Games, Nutrition, Sporting Event)

Running With the Pack (Games, Nutrition)

Grin and Bear It (Games, Cub Carnival, Service)

Team Tiger (Service, Citizenship)

Council Fire (Flags, Service, Community)

Paws for Action (Citizenship, Service)

Tiger Bites (Cooking, Nutrition)

Call of the Wild (Campout Skills, Knots, Nature)

Bear Necessities (Campout, Cooking, Campfire)

Backyard Jungle (Nature, Birdhouse, Tree Plant)




Howling at the Moon (Skit, Campfire)




Bear Claws (Pocketknives)