First Meeting Plans for any Den, including Bobcat Rank -- and Tips about Den Meetings Generally

To supplement the Cub Scout Adventure Plans and Den Leader Guides ... and help dens forming with new Cub Scouts, here are two Bobcat/First Meeting Adventure Plans (attached at the bottom of this page).  

  • These can give you some easy "getting a Den going" plans to start your Cub Scout year.
    • both for dens that need all or most Scouts to earn Bobcat (like every Tiger den) ...
    • ... and for dens welcoming new Scouts (with a refresher for all of the Scouts).
    • Like any "meeting" activity, these could be done as part of "family fun events" on weekends. 
  • So do these easy fun Bobcat meetings first, then dive into the full Rank by Rank Adventure Plans when you have a den leader team engaged and ready to go.
  • Remember also to share with Parents/Guardians the pamphlet How to Protect Your Children From Child Abuse: A Parent’s Guide at http://www.scouting.org/filestore/pdf/100-014_WEB.pdf 

When you look at the Bobcat/First Meeting Adventure Plans, you'll see the parts of a Den Adventure (or Meeting).  These tips apply as well to den activities at fun family weekend activities, because whether on a weekend fun activity or at a "meeting", you'll need to plan for each of these elements:

  1. Preparation.  Planning, Assignments, Communication, Materials.  If you're gathering Scouts and families, you'll need to make and share a plan.  The adventure plans will give you those tips.
  2. Gathering.  Keep boys occupied with something to do as the rest of the den arrives. Connect with attending adults to "share the leader load", because everyone can help with something!
  3. Opening.  An Opening ceremony says “we’ve begun”.  Can be as simple as the Scout Oath.
  4. Talk Time.  Both the time to tell what the fun adventure will be, and time to listen to the Scouts tell about what's new in their lives.  Sometimes that telling (and your listening) will be most important.
  5. Activity.  Defined as "1:  the quality or state of being active;  2:  vigorous or energetic action :  liveliness".  Yes, the idea of Den Adventure is to be active, do something, have fun!  Cub Scouting is not "Cub Schooling", so even if they are learning important stuff, the plans do it in a fun way!
  6. Closing.  A Closing ceremony says "we're done" and can highlight the good things the boys did.  You can recognize Scouts for what they earned, and adult helpers for their participation.
  7. After The Meeting.  Sure, clean up ... but also getting to know parents/guardians and share some planning for next time.

We've also attached some Supplemental Den Leader Guide Ideas:  This document has some ideas to supplement the Den Leader Guides, to give more information on (1) the parts of a Den Meeting briefly described above, (2) Tips and Tricks for Successful Dens, and (3) even more games you can use. Another attachment has some Den Cheer ideas, and a series of Walk Ons and Knock Knock Jokes for Den performance at pack or den events.

Reminder and suggestion: if you don't have enough Den Leaders, engaged and ready to go, leading dens of about 8 Scouts of the same age (not more than 10)please do not attempt to have Den "Meetings" for those Dens!!!!  Instead, do Easy Fun Family Pack Activities where families go places to do something fun as a group ... and don't try formal Den Meetings, not until those Dens have enough engaged leaders to run successful Den Meetings.  

  • Hey, kids and families like activities more than "meetings" anyway ...
  • ... so start out with as much fun as possible.
  • And if you don't have the engaged Den Leader yet, know that some parent or other adult in the den families can be the den leader, but he or she just doesn't know it yet ... let the adults get comfortable with the idea, and let all adults share how they can help.  
  • P.S.:  the attached Bobcat/First Meeting Adventure Plans really could be done by any group of parents, even if you haven't decided who among you will be the Den Leader, and who among you will assist the Den Leader.

And look at our Other Cub Meeting Ideas page, including the Big Cub Scout Activity Playbook there with lots of ideas, including more Bobcat games, and our Fun Adventure Plans for Your Whole Pack page, where you can start on some adventure loops that everyone can earn .    

For more, see the other Cub Scout Adventure Plans pages.