About Scouting, How to Join and Unit Support: Here's information about Scouting in South Fulton and Clayton Counties

Be A Scout!  See beascout.scouting.org.  The Southern Crescent District serves Scouts, Leaders and Parents in Clayton and South Fulton County, Georgia.  Scouts are: (1) Cub Scouts, who are kids in 1st through 5th Grade, grouped in "Dens", with "Dens" grouped in "Packs"), (2) Scouts in Scouts BSA Troops, who are boys or girls from the end of 5th Grade and up (and Webelos Cub Scouts who "cross over" in their 5th Grade year), members of "Troops" and "Patrols" in a Troop (information on Troops and more Pack information is in the map at the BeAScout website) -- yes, starting in February, 2019, BSA Troops can charter for Scouts who are girls, and girls can be Scouts in those BSA Troops, and (3) young men and women who are 14 (and have completed the eighth grade) through 20 years of age, called Venturers.  Southern Crescent District is in the Atlanta Area Council, which has a Scout Volunteer Service Center and Shops to serve Parents and Leaders -- see this link to find the closest Scout Shop to you.  For more information, please contact our District Chair, Eric Marcus, our District CommissionerSonya Patterson-Reid, or our District Executive Isaiah Campbellor all of them at this email.  The Southern Crescent District supports our Units in many ways, such as:

Packs, Troops and Crews: See the "Be A Scout" website for information about units in the area. Each Unit has their own Activities conducted safely

Signing Up as a Youth Member:  The Youth Membership Application form is found here, but many units take "online" registration through the BeAScout website.  Your Unit will want you to complete a Health & Medical Record -- to do so click this and find the Health & Medical Record you need.  For "joining" and weekend campouts, it's the "All Scouting Events" version, for longer events, download the "Are You Going to Camp?" version, which has a "doctor physical" part that is needed for Summer Camp.  Other options exist for High Adventure.  See this Blog Post about this form but FAQs are at the bottom of the Health & Medical Record Page).  And for new "youth" members of Venturing Crews who are 18 or older, you have to complete the Adult Application found here, not the Youth Application.

Signing Up as an Adult Leader:  Many units take "online" registration through the BeAScout website, which will sync up with your online Youth Protection Training.  Other units will take paper applications, and for those units, the Adult Application is found here, to be signed on two pages, and your Adult Application needs to be coupled with evidence of completion of "Youth Protection Training" by taking the course at my.scouting.org and printing the completion certificate.  Adults helping Scouts in BSA Troops may also complete a Merit Badge Counselor Application (it must be coupled with another Adult Application found here and evidence of Youth Protection Training) -- more on Merit Badge Counseling is here.    

Unit and Chartered Organization Resources.  If you are considering starting (or re-starting) a unit and entering into an Annual Charter Agreement with the BSA, look at the Unit Roadmap steps and this piece about selecting leadership, both to help you and your Chartered Organization Representative succeed.  To launch, you'll need to complete the New Unit Application (more here about being a Chartered Partner, and here about the BSA as a Partnership for Youth and how the BSA serves Chartered Partners).  To help build unit and school connections, one recent program is the BSA Adopt-a-School Program to connect Scout packs, troops and crews across the country with schools in their communities.  See also the Atlanta Area Council "New Unit Requirements".  Trying to recruit for your Unit?  See also these resources.   

If your Scouts need more support than your Chartering Organization or Parents and Guardians can provide, please see our Scoutreach Page or contact our District Executive about your needs.  Also see "Helping Units", which describes what unit commissioners can do to help, and offers a home for the "Cathy's Closet" uniform, equipment and resource donation project.